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On September 6th, I get a chance to finally march in a pride parade. My wife and I will be marching in the Worcester Pride Parade! Can’t wait!

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Today my wife and I had our bankruptcy hearing. I was so nervous. I wasn’t sure whether or not to go as me or in boy mode, but since they had my updated license I had to go as me. The trustee originally called me Mr, but when I went up and he saw me, he quickly apologized and corrected himself. The hearing itself went well. Now we wait for a decision then another 60 days for any creditor to contest. If no one does then we are clear of all our debt. Can’t wait to find out if this weight will be lifted.

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These posters are in the stalls of the bathrooms at my university (at least in the ladies, I haven’t asked anyone if they’re in the gents too. I hope so though). Thank you National Union of Students for doing it right. If only they put these posters up in all public bathrooms

Still the best thing in my life.

This though.

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Need Couch treatment team trying to send me to a shelter (Greater Hartford Area CT)


Hi its Chelsea, again. My treatment team is really closing in on sending me to a shelter now. Being trans and not on HRT yet they will place me with a male roommate the shelter claims they have seen all walks of life come in but yet they refuse to help trans people like myself find better places. By the end of the month i should find out when i leave for the shelter. I am a young 20 year old MtF and yes i do sell my body to make money now because no place will wanna hire me because of my lack of experience my being homeless and being transgender. I do take medication but its to keep me stable because i suffer from depression and bipolar disorder. I will need this for a while until i can raise enough money through my selling my self to get an apartment. I am really a nice young lady just please help me.

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We are a genderqueer dfab/cis male white grad student couple living in the West End/Elliott neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, with a couch (queen aerobed actually) in our basement that would be available for short-term stays. There are no steps into the house, but the bed is down a flight of stairs. We have a deck for outside tobacco smoking, and are drinking and 420 friendly, but if a sober space is needed we can make it so. Sex work that does not involve clients being brought to the house is fine. We have no pets; we are both allergic to cats and dogs are not allowed in the lease, but we might be able to work something out.


We have wifi, shower, and laundry, and some food and lots of cooking supplies. One of us is a vegetarian used to cooking for others with allergies. We can also provide a reaaaaally old mac mini for word processing & snail-speed internet browsing if you don’t have a computer. We love board games!

There is a bus stop not 100 feet from our house that goes downtown, and we share one car.


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NEED COUCH (housing) - Boston/Cambridge, MA



My partner (genderfluid) and I (agender) are having a hell of a time trying to find a room to rent in Boston/Cambridge/surrounding for September 1st. We’re hoping for something near a year lease, but we could work with a least that lasts through May. We are moving to the Boston-area from Western MA, but we’ve both been all over the place this summer, which is making it really difficult to find a place. My partner has a car, but since I don’t, I would need to be on reliable transit. My partner has a somewhat stable situation where they can stay, but I’ve spent the summer sleeping on floors and couches, and I’m currently “visiting” family, which isn’t safe or healthy. I’m currently around and able to meet with people, and my partner is happy to chat via facetime or skype. :)

We’re both queer musicians in our mid-20s. We love cooking, gardening, making things (sewing, building, etc), snuggling cute animals (don’t have any of our own), keeping common spaces neat, hiking/camping, and spending time with people. We are vegetarian (I have some unusual intolerances, but no major food allergies), and fairly quiet/chill to be around. I drink very occasionally, and my partner doesn’t for personal reasons… we don’t mind if you drink, but empty (or not so empty) bottles/cans lying around would be pretty triggering.

Our price range is a little blurry, since we are moving to the area and are not yet sure what our employment situations will be, but we’ve been looking for something vaguely in the $500-900 range. My partner will be attending massage school, and I will be trying to figure out grad school for music, but we both plan to work as many hours as we are able to get. In the worst case scenario, we do have enough money saved to cover at least 5 months rent. We are both very responsible, and definitely won’t commit to renting something we can’t actually pay for.

One last thing: Since I spent 8 months sleeping on various floors and couches last year, I’m really hoping to end up somewhere where I can offer couch/floor/air mattress to those who need a temporary place to stay. It’s not a deal-breaker if that can’t happen for whatever reason, but this is something I’d really like to be able to pay forward at some point.

Anyway, if you have a room for us (or know of someone who might), please send us an email at: cuillard4713 AT gmail 

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Agender Trans person needs a couch in San Francisco Bay Area by Nov. 1st 2014


Hi! My name is Skye Taylor. I am a 37 year old disabled person with an income from Social Security. I am Agender, and healing from the first round of surgeries for my physical transition. Despite my healing process not being complete, my mother (who was never very supportive of my physical transition) is kicking me out of the apartment we live in, located in Oakland CA, on November 1st, and moving out-of-state—whether I’m fully healed or not. A spare room would be ideal, but I’ll take a couch— it beats sleeping on a park bench! I am looking all over the SF Bay Area, but focus primarily on the East Bay because it’s cheaper. 

I am allergic to cigarettes, cats and eggs. Cat fur gives me asthma attacks, so if someone has a cat, I could not live there. In regards to my food allergy, as long as the mixing bowls and counter-tops where eggs were prepared are washed, I should be fine. I’m a vegan, but after years of living with non-vegans, I don’t mind being in a meat-eating household.

I’m not sure how much people charge for couch surfing these days, since I haven’t done that in a while, but with my income, $300 a month is what I can manage while still being able to buy food and other necessities. I don’t have a car, so I need to be within walking distance of public transport. My disability does not affect my ability to do things like climb stairs or other low-impact physical activities. 

A trans-friendly, non-binary friendly, Goth-friendly, African American-friendly home is an absolute necessity. Since it’s couch surfing, I wouldn’t be bringing a lot of stuff with me, like a bed or dressers… unless there’s a huge living room with space for such items! I plan to put what little furniture I have in storage, and just pack the bare necessities. I don’t wanna clutter up someone’s apartment with a plethora of stuff if it’s a tight space. That would be rude!

It would have to be a place where I can stay until I find an actual apartment, which could take weeks. I don’t smoke anything (not even 420), I don’t do recreational drugs, no alcohol, no pets, and no kids. I’m a social person (at times), like to make people laugh, witty, non-judgmental, intelligent, honest, respectful, caring, and kind. I have never been a party animal, and even when I lived alone, I didn’t do much entertaining of house guests. I went to other people’s houses.

Even though I don’t work, I don’t sit around doing nothing all day. I have a fully-loaded, homeschooling curriculum that takes up my time: Egyptology, Geography, World History, Sociology, African American Literature/Harlem Renaissance, Religion, and last but not least…French! I like to do little craft projects, and I enjoy time outdoors. Occasionally, I do sleep a lot, but that’s because I’m still healing from surgeries. If there’s internet in the place, that would be helpful, and I could pitch in with the cost of that. If not, then there’s always the library. I love to rock out to a variety of Goth, 80’s New Wave, and Alt-rock bands… but I always use headphones. I want to be respectful to my flat mates.

I think I gave enough info, so if anyone has a spot available, please email me:

Thank you!

Skye Taylor

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trans couple seeking spare room / spare space - western washington state


there is a longer post on my blog that contains more information about us, our current situation, needed accommodations, and what we’re looking for which can be found here

we are Bunny (a 22 year old, fat, white, afab nonbinary trans person) and dd (a 25 year old, fat, white, nonbinary trans woman). Bunny is unable to work due to multiple disabilities (fibromyalgia, CFS, complex PTSD, others). dd is unemployed but currently looking for work in our present location and the Olympia area and would continue her job search in our new location. dd is also planning to reattend college in January 2015 if we can find somewhat stable housing.

in short, we are a couple who have been dealing with housing instability and homelessness for the last five months since leaving a domestic violence situation we’d been living in for close to a year

we are currently in a bad living situation in rural, coastal WA and are trying to find semi-permanent (1 to 3 month long stay) or long term (3 month to a year long stay) housing / shelter. the length of the stay would obviously be decided by the person providing the shelter and would be at least tentatively agreed upon by everyone involved in advance

for accessibility reasons, we would are specifically looking for a separate spare room or spare space of some kind (like an attic, basement, garage, trailer, etc)

we are looking for housing / shelter in Seattle, Tacoma, or Olympia areas. We would also be possibly open to staying in Tumwater or Lacey, depending on the exact location and distance to necessary resources.

we’d need to be nearby public transit access as we do not own a car and walking long distances is inaccessible to me due to chronic pain and chronic fatigue. 

we also have a medium sized dog (shy, but well behaved) and two pet domestic rats (who live in their cage). these are therapy and companion animals and would be living with us, but would stay with us in our space.

Right now we are on a very small fixed income (less than $200 a month). Because of this, we can initially only contribute a small amount of money towards rent / utilities / shelter costs (about $100 a month or more when we are able.) We would pay more towards shelter costs once dd finds a job, attends school, or our income otherwise changes. 

we would be providing our own food and could also possibly contribute to household food at times (we receive some SNAP benefits)

When we are able to we can also contribute by doing moderate household labor like cooking communal meals, some cleaning, pet care / pet sitting (if you have pets), and possibly some light yard work.

You can contact me (Bunny) via my blog - traumagender or via my email -

You can contact dd via her blog - bluntedqt or via her email -

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(Need) Couch - Seattle/Surrounding Area or Portland, OR


Hey all!

So i’ve posted here before and I am back again.

Long story short I am moving around a few places and am in a place at least until the end of the month but after that it’s time to move again, I just came back to Seattle in June for a job which turned out to be a live-in nanny nightmare/scam and am insanely searching for a new job.

However where I am now is limited as it usually is with couch surfing and I am starting early to plan the next step for September, Ideally I am asking for a safe couch for 30-90 days, more toward 60 which I know is asking a lot of people but honestly I am moving almost monthly now and I need to have the time to not worry about moving and worry about solely finding work.

I have an extensive resume and am absolutely certain I will find work it’sjust a matter of time making it happen and getting some money to find roommates and rent a place.

Anyways if anyone has a lead for around the end of the monthish please let me know, I’d really love ya forever if we can get me a place to stay while I work through this, I am a 30 year old MTF trans woman and don’t want to become another statistic on the streets and can’t do shelters as in my previous ad I explained that is a trigger for me due to a past assault.

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Need a place to stay in philly ASAP



My name is Chelsea, I’m a transgirl from philly. 

I can’t stay at my house anymore because a drug dealer has been making threats against my life for being trans. I have no idea where to go or stay, but have some money to pay rent. Please contact me as soon as possible