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hey guys its me sibyl @whimslcott again so i was on my way to iowa when my car flipped over with me in it. miraculously i’m unharmed but i burned through most of what was left of my money on towing bills and the bus ticket for the rest of the way and i lost all of my worldly goods that cant fit in a backpack, so now im in urgent need of a place to stay because sleeping in my car was kind of my plan until i got my welfare check next month

like this is a dire situation honestly if you know of anywhere to stay even like a half decent homeless shelter hmu 
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If you identify as trans feminine, trans woman, or MTF, reblog this.




I just would love to see how many sisters are out there!

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Snapchat’s half of my school need to see.

Snapshot the whole world needs to see.

I have to sit by someone who makes jokes about these things all the time and I get so angry because why the hell should they be able to get away with it? They should be punished and told that no it is not okay but instead you find authority figures making fun of it too. It’s almost like because it isn’t a topic they talk about in a serious manner, it’s not a topic that is exempt from making jokes about.

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Today I have my third electrolysis appointment, so I couldn’t shave or put makeup on. I hate going out because I dread being called sir and getting gendered male. Well I had to run to the bank this morning. On my way back home I decided to swing through McDonald’s and pick up breakfast. When I got to the window to get the food, I was addressed as ma’am. I was shocked. Apparently I still pass with some stubble on my upper lip and chin. Yay!!

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Things Theatre Fans Say #14

  1. *Show closes on Broadway*
  2. Me: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to say our goodbyes.
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My brain can be a little shit sometimes.

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I hate that distance can grow between friends.  But I guess it’s bound to happen.  It’s just sad when it does.  Especially with such a long friendship. Maybe after so long some distance is good.  Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right??  Maybe we both aren’t trying hard enough. Who knows.  I don’t want it to happen.  But it’s happened before.  Maybe it’s just part of a cycle.  Giving us each time to grow.  Maybe this feeling is wrong and it’s just in my head.  Guess time will tell.

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Wearing, as my mom calls it, my slutty shirt today.  I like my boobs and don’t mind showing them off.

Wearing, as my mom calls it, my slutty shirt today. I like my boobs and don’t mind showing them off.